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The Katcho Appointment

July 23, 2010 19 comments

I was the guest speaker Thursday at the monthly luncheon of the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce. Interesting mix of folks: Bill Deneen, Miss Etiquette, Mike Zimmerman, drummer Pat Cormick and even Matt Kokkonen.

I don’t really give a speech at these functions. Typically, I make a few comments and get a Q & A going to try and liven things up.

True to form, Matt Kokkonen had the question early in the session. He stood up and made the following point: With our special election around the corner, it is likely that Sam Blakeslee will be our new state senator. However, his appointment creates an empty Assembly seat. What were my thoughts about Katcho being appointed to take over?

By the way, Katcho was sitting at the table closest to me.

To be honest, I hadn’t thought before about post-special election issues. I’m enduring this summer election under protest–what an awful waste of money.

But Matt is correct. If Sam wins, there is an empty seat. At this point, I plead guilty on Civics 101. I’m not sure what would happen. Does the governor get to appoint someone for those last few months? Is it subject to legislative approval?

I told the audience that I thought Katcho should decline that appointment. He’s in a tough race against Hilda Zacarias and I suggested that he go to Sacramento because of the people, not the politicians. However, I suspect, if offered, Katcho will accept.

Just another bizarre permutation on what promises to be an interesting fall election.