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The Katcho Appointment

I was the guest speaker Thursday at the monthly luncheon of the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce. Interesting mix of folks: Bill Deneen, Miss Etiquette, Mike Zimmerman, drummer Pat Cormick and even Matt Kokkonen.

I don’t really give a speech at these functions. Typically, I make a few comments and get a Q & A going to try and liven things up.

True to form, Matt Kokkonen had the question early in the session. He stood up and made the following point: With our special election around the corner, it is likely that Sam Blakeslee will be our new state senator. However, his appointment creates an empty Assembly seat. What were my thoughts about Katcho being appointed to take over?

By the way, Katcho was sitting at the table closest to me.

To be honest, I hadn’t thought before about post-special election issues. I’m enduring this summer election under protest–what an awful waste of money.

But Matt is correct. If Sam wins, there is an empty seat. At this point, I plead guilty on Civics 101. I’m not sure what would happen. Does the governor get to appoint someone for those last few months? Is it subject to legislative approval?

I told the audience that I thought Katcho should decline that appointment. He’s in a tough race against Hilda Zacarias and I suggested that he go to Sacramento because of the people, not the politicians. However, I suspect, if offered, Katcho will accept.

Just another bizarre permutation on what promises to be an interesting fall election.

  1. californiawiseguy
    July 23, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    I suspect Katcho will do whatever the behind-the-scenes Republican string pullers tell him to do. He’s no longer his own man.

    I like Katcho personally and he runs his gas station businesses very well. But somewhere along the line he sold his soul to the Republican devil and is perhaps deluded enough to believe he is doing the “right thing” when he turns his back on his constituents and has become the tool of selfish business interests at the expense of the common good.

    And speaking of local politicians who have truly sold their souls to the Devil, what’s happening with Tom Bordonaro lately? That guy is a travesty and one of the biggest sleazy political phonies to ever be elected on the Central Coast.

  2. californiawiseguy
    July 24, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Another member of the same sleazy gang gets caught with his pants down (as reported on the front page of the Los Angeles Times):

    “California lieutenant governor’s family business owes U.S. more than $100,000 in taxes

    The IRS files a lien against Abel Maldonado’s Santa Barbara County farm. It is the ninth time since 1992 that tax collectors have filed liens against him to compel payments totaling more than $240,000.”

    Among a certain group of local Republican politicians there is such an absolute frenzied contempt for government and taxes that they believe they have a moral right to do whatever they can for friends and family to help them avoid paying taxes and grab whatever they can from the public coffers, even when it’s criminal to do so. It’s a game for them and they pat each other on the back and tell each other they are patriots. But in reality they are sick and depraved, corrupted by power and fueled by far right rhetoric that insists that “Greed is Good.” They have truly lost their moral compass and their sickness is contagious.

  3. philochs
    July 25, 2010 at 2:37 am

    You lost me at “I was the guest speaker Thursday at the monthly luncheon of the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce.”

  4. richinpaso
    July 25, 2010 at 3:25 am

    Its a shame that the same small-minded ravings from the old blog have migrated to this new blog.

    “I suspect Katcho will do whatever the behind-the-scenes Republican string pullers tell him to do. He’s no longer his own man.” How do you know that there even exists “republican string pullers” or that Katcho is not his own man? You don’t but that is the same smearing, character assassination and guilt by accusation that made the old blog such a pain to read and why I stopped.

    Then you go on, whoever you are, about repubulican politicians that have lost their souls. What about democrats that have lost their souls? Slimeballs, like The Man who would be President, Nobel laurate and Academy award winner Albert Gore Jr, are exposed daily in the Democrat party but go uncommented on by his cohorts in the propaganda machine we call “the media”. Yeah, its a shame when The National Enquirer does more investigative journalism than the NYT, WaPo, LA Times or any other bankrupt rag. The man who could have been president may actually go to jail for attempting to rape massage therapists. And this is one of your heroes? The guy warning us of Global Warming is just another sexual deviant from the Clinton White House. You think he would have learned from Bill and his stain and from Edwards and his kid to perform his adultry the old fashion way: with a staffer like John Ensign (R-NV). JournoLists that seek to shape, censor and create “the news” instead of reporting the facts. What about that? how about all the race-baiting of the Tea Party by the NAACP just days before they throw one of their own under the bus for appearing to race bait (by the way, if you listen to EVERYTHING Shirley said, she did discriminate against that family because they were white and only helped them AFTER a white lawyer failed to help them; also she cries racism against tea partiers claiming that our opposition to obama and health-welfare reform is because Obama is black, which is just more racism from her.)

    Bottom line is that this whole political establishment, regardless of what you call yourself is broken beyond conprehension. they are all corrupt, all incompetent and all solely interested in that which will build their personal power over others. If you all can’t see that and wish to go on here with the “rupublican versus democrat; liberal vs conservative” blathering, then this “new” blog will die of venom and hatred just as the “old” one died of venom and hatred.

  5. californiawiseguy
    July 25, 2010 at 6:13 am

    Rich, in case you didn’t notice, Al Gore and Bill Clinton are not running for office in San Luis Obispo County. They are irrelevant in regards to local politics as far as I’m concerned. They are just people on TV.

    We can’t say that about Katcho, Blakeslee, Maldonado and Bordonaro.

    In any case, Democrats may have problems, and not all of them are perfect, but The Republican Party , despite any well-meaning members, has been co-opted by the sick and depraved and is little more than a front for organized crime. And its a shame to see our local politicians falling in line with all that.

    The latest scandal involving Abel Maldonado is just one example. And boy oh boy, do I look forward to when more of the ugly truth comes out about Tom Bordonaro, our own teflon boy on wheels.

    How about I just say it now and get it over with, covering past, present and future revelations about our local Republican “leaders”: I TOLD YOU SO!

  6. californiawiseguy
    July 25, 2010 at 6:36 am

    By the way, Rich, I think the real reason why you stopped posting so frequently on this forum is that so much of what you would write here didn’t add up or was just plain ugly and people called you on it and made you look even more foolish and mean and hopeless. (This doesn’t even include your frequent comments about “racism”, which I’ll leave others to make up their own minds about without my help.)

    In other words, you continually got your ass kicked on this forum Rich. And now you’re coming for more. (Though I notice you seem less willing to try to defend criticism of Republicans, content to simply say that they are not alone in screwing over the public and harming our nation.

    Welcome back, Rich!

  7. bobfromslo
    July 25, 2010 at 6:45 am

    Rich: Good to see you here, I hope that you can “allow” for certain individuals who cannot see past their own biases. I do agree with you that it is not just “Republicans” that are corrupt, that Democratic politicians are just as corrupt (in general) as Republicans, and there are current national examples if you really really want to bring up names (Charlie Rangel, for instance). I do find it distasteful that Abel Maldonado cannot seem to keep up with his tax bills as those in political office SHOULD hold themselves to a higher standard (just like Al Gore SHOULD). I for one will wait for the facts to come completely out about Mr. Gore before I condemn him fully, but the case against Abel seems pretty cut ‘n dried.
    Now, about Shirley Sherrod and her admitting that she had a racist reaction to the white couple that came to her for help with their farm; YES, Shirley admitted that she felt that she should treat her first white clients “differently” since they were white, BUT, after she investigated their case more fully, after their white lawyer could not take their case any further, Shirley Sherrod learned that the difference between her and them was much less than the difference between those who have money and those who do not. So, Rich, if YOU listen to EVERYTHING that Shirley Sherrod said, you would know that she faced her own racial bias, LEARNED from it, and pushed forward with that learning experience to become a much better advocate for those who have less, no matter what the color of their skin. When you (Rich) make a statement about listening to EVERYTHING that someone says, you yourself better make sure that you paid attention to what was said. For you to focus only Shirley’s admitting to her own racism but to not acknowledge that she used that moment to learn from it is really “small” on your part. Shirley Sherrod faced “institutional racism” when her and her husband could not get any help from the Department of Agriculture when a drought forced them to give up their farm cooperative, and she put herself to work helping others who faced the same situation. When she came upon her first white couple to help and learned that she had feelings of racial bias, she learned from it and actually became fast friends with that couple. If you cannot “see” that that is what happened, you have some serious bias issues you need to face yourself. Good luck with that.

  8. californiawiseguy
    July 25, 2010 at 7:14 am

    I forgot to mention the one local Republican politician who is even more of an egregious, bought-and-paid-for phony than Abel Maldonado:Mr. Fair-haired, aw-shucks, puppet-on-on-a-string Kevin McCarthy, a man well worthy of another advance “I told you so!”

  9. July 25, 2010 at 8:05 am

    here is the link to the LA Times article Saturday about Maldonado:


    The problem is that this is going to make Abel look bad statewide and will give Newsom a field day with negative advertising in the campaign. Abel may have an explanation for everything regarding the liens, but $100,000 is a lot of money. I’m surprised he didn’t take care of this, knowing that he would be running again for statewide office.

  10. richinpaso
    July 25, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Yes, the real reason why I stopped posting was that I became swept up in the election verfor and I just didn’t like where the blog was going. I couldn’t express ANY criticism of Obama during the campaign without the knee-jerk reaction that I was a racist. Fast forward 18 months and that is EXACTLY what happens nationally and locally. I watched the old blog degenerate in the character assassinations, smears and outright lies thrown by both guys like BTR and others on one side and others like Wise Guy and others. I left for that reason.

    As for “listening to EVERYTHING someone has to say”, I went to the NAACP website and watched THE WHOLE tape. Shirley did say that she did do less than she could for the Spooner family. She did say that she passed them off to “one of their own”. I hear her say in her own words that she only came back to help them AFTER the white lawyer failed to do simple things for them, simple things that Shirley could have done from day one. So what did she learn? She learned it is about “Rich vs Poor” not black vs white. So she found class warfare instead of race warfare? I don’t get it. Then, if you kept listening, she says that the Republicans are doing worse now than the Democrats did during the 8 years of Bush. Why? Becuase Obama is black. So sympathetic Shirley, so wronged by the media and the Obama White House, lobs a race bomb into the discussion that has gone unreported. She says with her words, and I said this before Obama got elected this would happen, that ANY opposition of Obama will be done because Obama is black and the opponent is a racist. That is EXACTLY what Shirley said. There is no disputing this. I will cut and paste he transcript if that is what you need to see this. I’m surprised that GEN McChrystal wasn’t branded a racist for what he said in Rolling Stone. I bet that if it was something directed at Obama instead of “Bite me” Biden, he would have. This is turning out to the be a very “tone deaf” president when it comes to race.

    Finally, I do not dispute that Republicans like Abel Maldonado and Kevin McCarthy are doing all they can to climb the social ladder in politics. This goes back to my point that politics in America is broken. I reiterate my call for term limits and federally financed elections that I posted during the ’08 campaign. We need new faces uncorrupted by anyone’s special interest money on both sides. Once they are cut off from the NRA/GOPAC/any corporation or the Teamsters/SEIU/NEA/AFL-CIO/any George Soros funded group will our so-called ‘representatives’ actually start representing us. I believe that more and more every day.

  11. nickdoyle
    July 26, 2010 at 3:23 am


    It looks as though it took just a few days for your new blog to get targeted by those who prefer to get off-topic and sling mud.

    I had high hopes.

    Perhaps you could ride herd on your respondents and ruthlessly delete entries that don’t pertain to your topic — in this case that being Katcho.

    Best of luck with your new venture.



  12. richinpaso
    July 26, 2010 at 3:41 am

    Who’s slinging mud, Nick? Is censorship of my posts because YOU don’t think my post pertains specifically enough to the Katcho topic your only method of how Dave should “ride herd”? Telling, very telling.

    Also, if Abel Maldonado is a lemon of a politician because he owes $100,000 in back taxes, what does this say about ALL politicians that have had tax problems? If Maldonado is somehow disqualified from public office because he owes the IRS, then isn’t ALL politicians with tax problems disqualified? Doesn’t that make Geithner, Solas, Sebilius, Rangel and anyone else disqualified for public office? I think so. Let us all agree right now that anyone who has not paid their taxes in full must resign from their public office effective immediately.

    Half of the Obama administration would be out of work tomorrow.

  13. July 26, 2010 at 5:47 am

    Rich is entitled to his opinion and I think he’s making a very strong position. Feel free to respond to him on the issues he’s raising.

    Meanwhile, I’m very pleased with how things are going so far.

  14. bobfromslo
    July 26, 2010 at 7:52 am

    Rich: You stated: “So what did she learn? She learned it is about “Rich vs Poor” not black vs white. So she found class warfare instead of race warfare? I don’t get it.” Of course you don’t “get it”, you believe in the conservative viewpoint that the only thing that separates the rich from the poor is the ability to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”, and it is the “unspoken” world view of the upper one percent that in order to people not pay attention to the radical difference between the haves and the have nots is to try and keep us divided, somehow, and racism (on both sides if possible) is a useful tool to try and keep us divided. The simple truth about the really rich is that most of them either inherited a good deal of their wealth, or possibly had connections (a lot of conservative donors have connections to the weapons/security industries during the last administration, for instance) or they may have used insider information, and, of course, there are a few that either did actually work very hard and/or were very lucky. And having the conservative mindset, you most likely subscribe to the notion that the only “real” difference between you and those who are very wealthy is you just haven’t had your “break” so that you could climb up into the upper income strata, yet. The reality is (at least for most of us) is that for the most part, the elite wealthy are part of a “closed door” group, and they prefer it to be that way. So, yes, there is a real “class warfare” that is pretty plainly out in the open, but by using the tools of the corporate media, the focus stays on the few differences we have, not the similarities as an attempt to keep us divided. But like you said, “I don’t get it.”; kind of says it all.

  15. richinpaso
    July 26, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    No Bob, as it was on the old blog so it is on the new blog, you are wrong. “Class” warfare is construct of Marx (Karl not Groucho). Even the attmept to create classes in America is an attempt to impose a marxist idea. The history of the United States is full of stories of millions of Americans that pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. F.W. Woolworth worked for years FOR NO PAY to learn how to operate and manage a department store before venturing out and making his own fortune. He started his department store from a $300 loan. Andrew Carnegie emigrated to the US with nothing, worked in a bobbin factory as a child, and then worked his way up to own his own steel mill and form US Steel. Henry Ford was born on a farm in Michigan, started out as a watch repairer and then developed his ideas for the assembly line after tinkering with Westinghouse steam engines. So much tinkering he did that they hired him as an engineer. More recently, college students with a PC have founded bilion dollar businesses like Google and Facebook. So don’t tell me that “conservatives” get their money from rich relatives. What yo fail to undrstand is that America is still an enchanted land where you CAN pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make a fortune. These men did exactly that in an era with no taxation, few reglations and in many cases were victims of the same abuses that were standard of the times. Only a dead-souled cynic would think that those times have passed and that only the GOVERNMENT is capable of pulling anyone’s bootstraps. That is the thought process of the lazy or the easily defeated. My grandfather made and lost ten fortunes farming in Oklahoma. Did he go looking for a goverment handout during the lean years? No. But in your mind he should have gotten in line at the unemployment office and waited to get his check from good old Uncle Sam. But what of this notion that conservatives inherit their money? There are very few “old moneyed” conseratives. Even the Bushes made their own money. First George H. W. the George W. both made their own money in ol (I’m sure with some seed money from pop). But it occurs to me that this is more true of liberal “lions” like the Kennedy’s (bootlegging booze), Geroge Soros (father stole the gold out of dead Jews mouths during WWII), the Roosevelt’s (opium dealing in China), the Rockefellers (oil baron; although John D. started out with nothing), Du Ponts (chemical polluters) or the Kerrys (married a REPUBLICAN’s widow to get at his estate). Are these guys in your “closed door” group? Seems to me that they don’t by your standards, mostly because they are fellow liberals that you agree with. And who are these conservatives that have connections with military and security firms? Name names; I did. Your typical scattershot and (presently) wild and baseless accusation is exactly what this new blog DOESN’T need. And who are tools of the corporate media you refer to? Certain isn’t republicans. The JournoList cabal that conspired to censor and suppress the Reverend Wright story to protect OBAMA certainly weren’t doing conservatives’ bidding or the American people a just service.

    And who is dividing America these days? Liberal projection is STARK and transparent (more so than this president). With the Shirley Sherrod case, the White House has her fired before FOX NEWS has even a chance to print or utter her name. And yet it is Fox that gets blamed for the state of racial politics in America? And even Andrew Breitbart gets smeared by pinheads like Screamer Dean, regardless of the fact that people at the NAACP meeting that Sherrod spoke at CHEERED when she said she didn’t help the white farmer, which was his point. And let us not forget that Obama said the white, highly decorated, Cambridge cop “acted stupidly’ before Obama even knew all the facts.

    And that is another thing… this administration doesn’t care to learn the facts in a mad rush to put their feet (both of them) in their mouth. Obama makes up (and I mean MAKES UP) his outlandish claim that somehow the Arizona law would create a Nazi German police state even though a) he hadn’t read the law; and b) IT IS FEDERAL LAW THAT ALL RESIDENT ALIENS HAVE TO CARRY THEIR PAPERS. Just ask a LEGAL resident alien (if you can find one) if they have their ID on them. I bet they say yes, as they are supposed to under FEDERAL law. First with the cambridge incident, then with the federal law, now with the Shirley Sherrod case, the fact that liberals never read the health welfare bill or the financial industry regulation bill (watch YouTube; they admit they never read the bill), liberals are in a mad rush to say ill-informed, misinformed, wrong and just plain made up things.

    Oh but it is conservatives that propogate racial and economic divides in America according to Bob here.

    In a pig’s eye.

  16. jurisdoctor78
    July 26, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Is this now the Bob & Rich show again? BTDT. Boring

  17. richinpaso
    July 27, 2010 at 3:47 am

    No, I am just well rested from taking so much time off from the old blog. What were we talking about again? Oh Yeah… I’m all in favor of the Prado road overpass. Anything to get traffic off of LOVR.

  18. californiawiseguy
    July 27, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Rich, seriously, what do you imagine you are accomplishing with your tirades? ANYTHING positive? Or is it simply ego boogie? How many people, besides Bob, do you imagine even read through the entirety of most of your postings?

    To be fair, these are questions we should all ask of ourselves before posting.

    One thing I’ve learned is that arguments, which primarily are directed at the mind, rarely change people’s fundamental viewpoints. Positive change comes, not through tapping the mind, but tapping the heart.

    So much of what I read on forums is heartless/artless.

  19. July 29, 2010 at 4:56 am

    I removed the comment in question immediately. I will not tolerate excessive personal attacks.

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