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Friday Thoughts

Hard to believe we’re almost into August. For our last broadcast of July, we’ll hear from LIfestyle Editor Gary J. Freiberg and Michelle Dostert will be back, analyzing the events of the week from the court decision on the Arizona immigration law to the fall out from the Sherrod debacle.

We had a fantastic time Wednesday at the Chumash Casino. Check out the Creekside Buffet if you go. it’s quite good. One listener in the group hit $2000 after about five minutes of playing. We will definitely go back. You should make the drive if you haven’t been.

A group of us have formed a committee to raise $$$ for Pastor Doug. We have to raise $10,000 to help cover medical expenses and buy him a new wheelchair.

An account called “Pastor Doug” should be operational at all Rabobanks in the county by Friday afternoon. Feel free to go into any branch and make any donation you can afford. We are organizing a couple fundraising events for August and will announce them shortly.

Good show today. getting lots of nice feedback from folks who enjoyed Dr. Don Morris discussing the inventions that changed our lives. I also appreciated Karen Gray coming in to share her story about volunteering in Haiti. It gives one pause to know that the American Red Cross has raised more than $400 million for Haiti and yet, according to Karen, they have a nonexistent profile in the troubled country. Very odd.

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