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The Prado Road Initiative

Former city manager Ken Hampian will be on my show tonight at 6:05 to discuss this new Prado Road voter initiative and respond to supporters who were on the show Monday.

As King Harris reported this morning, the SLO city council voted last night 5-0 to put the measure on the November ballot. The city wants to extend Prado all the way to Broad Street, creating a much-needed East-West corridor. Opponents wants to divert Prado down to Tank Farm, connect to Santa Fe, and send traffic all the way down to Buckley.

Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

I’ve wanted the Prado Road extension for years and hope I live long enough to see it go through. That’s where traffic should be — not way out on Buckley Road. But brace yourself and get ready — it’s going to be a wild and crazy fall election.

Meanwhile — Mardi and I are off to Chumash one week from today. Still time to join us. Put your name in the drawing on the web site.

Also, today is the last day to support Kidspree from United Way. Every $100 they raise allows another local kid to go get school clothes from Kohl’s. You can donate online. Thanks in advance for your support.

Upcoming segments:

Wednesday: Mike Manchak from EVC, Dr. Al Brill, Ken Hampian.

Thursday: Dr. John Ashbaugh, Bill Loving from the Cal Poly journalism department

Friday: Dr. Karen Krahl, Tom Murray, and the editor of Sunset Magazine.

Monday: Lois Capps

  1. jurisdoctor78
    July 21, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Tell me again why we have all these elected public officials when every item up for a decision ends up on the ballot? Seems we could save a lot of money without all those figure heads.

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