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Chicago — Not Their Kind of Town

So the news is all over the Internet this morning. Chicago was booted in the first round of the IOC site selection committee voting, despite President Obama flying there personally to lobby delegates. They opted instead for either Madrid or Rio.

We’ll talk about this tonight at 5:05. I think the criticism from the Right has been silly. Why shouldn’t Obama have gone to try and secure the Summer Olympics for our country, and for Chicago? Nothing wrong with that. Tony Blair did it for London. Putin did it for Moscow.

However, I’m struck by the enormous gamble Obama took and why he did it. He’s coming off a very rough summer. He’s being perceived as not tough enough by his critics. So now he hands his critics another issue to attack him with. The IOC rejected him. Had I been advising Obama, I would have said, “If they can guarantee in advance that they’ll vote for Chicago, go. But unless they can do it, stay home. Send your wife. Send your kids. Your critics will jump all over this and make you look weak.”

And I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

What do you think?

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