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"You Lie!"

President Obama spoke tonight and he spoke well.

At least one conservative, Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, seemed to be confused, thinking he was in a town hall meeting instead of listening to the President of the United States. At one point, in response to Obama’s claim that illegal aliens would not be covered in the reform legislation, Wilson blurted out “You lie!” Actually, he doesn’t Cong. Wilson. FactCheck.org already points out that the legislation bans funding for illegals.

Never mind that. Total disrespect for the President on display. If this doesn’t energize the Democrats, nothing will. Jeff Bliss discussed the speech tonight on the show and felt that Obama was too harsh on the Republicans, too many cheap shots. The consensus tonight seems to be more that Obama was trying to energize the Democrats and stick it back to the Republicans after taking quite a beating this summer.

Tonight I think you saw the Obama that people voted for in November, the Obama who took office in January. It was a return to form. Chris from Paso called in to say that there was nothing new in the proposals. Perhaps, but doesn’t matter. What was different tonight was Obama and he finally seemed to be on message. His back is to the wall and he’s taken a huge gamble on his young presidency with this issue.

I’ve said it before — when the dust settles, we will have some kind of health care reform.

Shame on you Joe Wilson. Keep your yap shut when the President is speaking.

Mr. President. Welcome back. We’ve missed you, sir. Now I know our side will win.

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