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What About Afghanistan?

Agree or disagree with Obama, it’s pretty clear that his domestic agenda has overshadowed anything going on overseas. Which is unfortunate because we continue to wage two major wars and the dialogue on our involvement has been lost amid the debate on stimulus spending, clunkers, and health care.

So let me ask the question — What about Afghanistan? we have been involved there for eight years. I have supported our involvement there since the beginning. I saw it as the appropriate response to 9-11. Iraq was an unfortunate distraction. Afghanistan was the real thing. I also have always been impressed by Defense secretary Robert Gates.

Now it seems like we’re beginning to have doubts. Several Democratic senators have recently announced plans to vote against spending increases for the troops. George Will raised eyebrows when he called for U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

So I’m curious where you stand on the issue. After eight years, are we making progress in Afghanistan? Should we be escalating? Do you still support the mission? And what exactly IS the mission?

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Mardi and I will be doing a show on Monday.

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