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The Lion of the Senate

Ted Kennedy died tonight. he was 77.

We’ll host a special segment on the radio Wednesday night from 5:05 to 6 to get local reaction. You’re also invited to post comments here.

I will say this — his was an extraordinary life, living in the shadows of two assassinated older brothers, but finally finding himself on the floor of the U.S. Senate, being elected 9 times to that office. I believe his is the third longest record of service in the Senate’s history. This was a man with many, many personal flaws, but even arch conservative Orrin Hatch spoke tonight from the heart in paying tribute to his departed colleague. Kennedy was a master of politics and a champion of health care, civil rights, and education. We will not see his likes again. He was arguably the most famous and most influential U.S. Senator of his generation.

it will be interesting to see if Kennedy’s death finally mobilizes the Democrats into getting their act together and pushing through some kind of serious health care reform in the fall.

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