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The Summer of Discontent

The streets seem to be on fire this summer. Protesters disrupting town hall meetings on health care. Or fringe elements confronting elected representatives on the question of Obama’s birth. Glenn Beck suggests that Obama himself is a racist on a TV show (rhetoric that thankfully cost him a few advertisers).

Meanwhile, Obama is sinking in the polls, though still at least at 50%, hardly George W. Bush numbers. The one consolation is that the Republicans seem to have dropped into single digits — voting against Sotomayor is not likely to help them.

But discontent hangs in the air. We’re mad at everyone over everything, but since Obama is the guy promising change, he’s taking the heat. Personally I think he needs to take a vacation, rethink things, and come back to a fresh start after Labor Day. After all, look at what all that vacation time in Texas did to help President Bush in 2001.

So what’s your theory? Why the discontent? And what’s the solution?

by the way, kudos to Bill Clinton for his work in the safe return of the two journalists from North Korea. If only Obama’s domestic programs could match his foreign policy achievements.

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