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Acting Stupidly

Mardi and I were watching the Obama press conference last night in the studio. Thought Obama did fine until the last question, when the reporter from the Chicago Tribune asked him about the arrest of Henry Gates, the African-American Harvard professor. As you know, Obama made the unfortunate comment about the police “acting stupidly” in this case. This, having already admitted he didn’t know the facts in the case. I turned to Mardi and said, “Oh Oh.”

You can read the facts of the case all over the Internet. The police acted professionally and responsibly. Gates immediately tried to turn this into a racial situation. Sadly, Obama took it up a notch and said it was clearly racial profiling, which begs the question, “Can a white officer ever arrest or question a black person without it becoming racial profiling?’

We’ll discuss this issue today (Thursday). And Santa Maria Bill will take on health insurance reform.

But President Obama has to learn to speak without a teleprompter and he has to avoid putting his foot in his mouth. Meanwhile, he should apologize to law enforcement everywhere.

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