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The Issue is Health Care

President Obama will hold a prime time press conference Wednesday at 5 p.m. (PST). We’ll carry it live; should go for about an hour. Susan Mullen will join us afterwards for perspective. Meanwhile, on Tuesday night from 5:30 to 7, Ralph Weber is coming down from Paso to explain his problems with the Obama health care proposal.

Obama has some tough challenges ahead. His popularity has dropped, though interestingly the Republicans have not gone up in the polls and Congress remains even lower. Even Democrats seem nervous about these proposals and Obama faces an uphill fight to get anything done this summer, as promised. Will this be another Clintonesque fiasco ala 1993, or will Obama once again find a way to work magic?

So how your health care coverage? Are you satisfied with the present system? Is government intervention the answer, or do you trust the private sector to deliver? It should be an interesting press conference tomorrow night.

Also on Wednesday, we’ll get reaction to the so-called budget resolution in Sacramento. I’m still waiting for the details, seeing who will suffer most from the cutbacks — I’m guessing the poor and the elderly. They seem to have the fewest lobbyists.

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