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More Fireworks in July

This should be an interesting week.

As I write this, the hearings have begun for Judge Sotomayor, well on her way to being confirmed as the third woman Supreme Court justice, and Obama’s first nominee to be confirmed to the High Court. As a Republican senator from Florida admitted today, she’ll be easily confirmed by the Senate, short of a total meltdown. The only real question is how many votes does she get? There will be a great deal of grandstanding for the cameras, but don’t expect much.

More explosive to me is what’s happening over at Justice. Attorney General Eric Holder is making noises about wanting to investigate certain aspects of the Bush administration on the issue of torture. Pete Evans joins me tonight onthe radio to discuss this issue. In the past, I’ve been opposed to such a tactic, but Cheney has proven to be very mysterious and pretty much a loose cannon as vice-president. I’m not calling for prosecution, but let’s investigate Cheney and see if we can determine the extent and impact of his deception and secrecy.

And Michael Jackson will go away before Sarah Plain. New polls show her to be the darling of the rank and file, but the insiders want nothing to do with her. Here’s what I don’t get: Palin pretty much self-destructed in the final days of the 2008 campaign and she could never handle the Tina Fey impersonations. Why is that likely to change in 2012?

Finally, Obama has hit some rough waters and the reality sets in that charisma is not enough to beat back these tough economic problems created under President Bush. It’s going to be harder. It’s going to take longer. But I agree with Wise Guy — we’ve got the right man for the job in the White House and he will lead us to a better place.

July should be an interesting month.

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