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Your Government at Work

Thanks to our friend Jeff Bliss for passing this along. Kay B. Day of TheUSReport uncovered this interesting nugget:

“The US Social Security Administration is dubbed one of the best agencies to work for, and judging by a training conference, I can see why. Fox News scooped the training conference held at the Arizona Biltmore, a facility claiming to be “known throughout the world as the ‘Jewel of the Desert.'”Every room has a well-stocked mini-bar and for the weight conscious, a scale. The SSA, Fox said, flew 700 managers to the resort for a conference with skits, a dance troupe, Casino Night and door prizes.

If you’re recalling President Barack Obama’s fit about private companies doing the wine- and-dine in exotic locations after taking taxpayer bailout money, you’re not alone. The federal government spends taxpayer money with no shame, no integrity and no accountability. [Continues after video.]

The Fox reporter asked a SSA spokesman, “With withering criticism over the misuse of taxpayer dollars, many people will look at this and go, ‘Wait, same thing.'”

The spokesman replied, “There’s a clear distinction between the two. They received specific bailout dollars. We didn’t. We’re not using any recovery money. There’s no ARA money involved in this.”

That sort of brain-dead reasoning prevails in Washington. Bureaucrats think if the bucks don’t come from one pot, it’s fine if they come from another. There’s a complete lack of consciousness regarding safeguarding taxpayer dollars.

Every taxpayer in the nation should send the SSA a bill for any federal funds used on this excursion .

With billions of tax dollars wasted on overpayments, the SSA should be sending employees to stay in a wilderness camp. The only reason they won’t: those people wouldn’t survive the challenge.

The entire department management should be fired, and so should the agency heads. Once again, the federal government proves its ineptitude as we, the taxpayer, face a government composed of looters.”

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