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Mr. Edge and Ms. Wilcox, Round II

Both The Tribune and CalCoast News have new postings on their respective web sites tonight regarding the very latest in the soap opera that has become county government. It would be laughable, except you and I are funding this insanity and there’s likely to be a huge settlement at some point, to some party. Guess who is paying that.

Apparently, predictably, Ms. Wilcox feels that she is the victim of sexual harassment, citing incidents and comments from David Edge dating back all the way to 2000. We will be discussing this latest turn of events on the Thursday edition of Hometown Radio. The obvious question that many people ask in these circumstances is, Why stay? Why stay on a job for 9 years with a boss who is engaged in inappropriate behavior? However, as you read through this lawsuit, the allegations raised against David Edge are particularly disturbing. If true, this guy didn’t cross the line, he leapt over it repeatedly. It is very disturbing to read such alleged comments coming from the CEO. How much is this going to cost the taxpayers?

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