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A Murder in Kansas

Dr. George Tiller was assassinated in Wichita. There is no better word to capture the actions of one extremist who could no longer tolerate the fact that Dr. Tiller had performed late-term abortions for decades. Dr. Tiller, no stranger to threats over the years, was a public figure. His shooting was a political assassination, plain and simple.

On Wednesday at 5:30, Arroyo Grande Andy will bring his Bible to the studio and we will attempt the impossible — a dialogue about abortion and abortion rights in 2009. Is it possible to find common ground on this most emotional issue, or are we doomed to take one of two extreme positions forever? Assassinating doctors is clearly not the answer, but, sadly, Dr. Tiller was not the first. Equally disgusting is the reaction from some far right religious fanatics, a few who have attempted to post here. Don’t waste your time.

My own position on abortion has been that we have too many in the country every year. Abortion has become an easy method of birth control. That’s wrong. However, the solution doesn’t lie in taking away a woman’s right to choose. It is the responsibility of everyone — the individual, the family, the government, to work together to decrease unwanted pregnancies. I certainly don’t have the answer, but what happened to Dr. Tiller is a national disgrace. Regardless of your position, we must speak in a single voice to condemn what happened in Wichita.

This will be a good discussion. Hope you can join us.

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