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The Edge is Gone

One housekeeping note, please. Make sure your post is related to the general topic. I’ve had several cut and paste submissions lately that have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. If it’s off topic, I’m not accepting it. Thank you. Of course, feel free to suggest topics for discussion.

The big news around town tonight is the 5-0 decision by the Supes to dismiss county CEO David Edge. The Supes still refuse to say why Edge is being dismissed, but you can read some things between the lines in Edge’s quoted comments in The Tribune (referring to the stifling climate of political correctness) and Cal Coast News (reference to Edge trying to help someone go through a trying personal time).

So there are two questions remaining. First, what happens to Gail Wilcox once she comes back from leave on June 1 and second, will we ever find out why the CEO of the county was dismissed? As I’ve indicated before, I find it stunning that such a dramatic move can take place without the public being informed. We will find out.

As I mentioned on the radio tonight, I’ll make my own small protest by voting against the proposed mosquito abatement district. No more money without transparency. Plain and simple.

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