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The County Pushed to the Edge

You have to wonder what in the hell is going on in the county building these days. We know that long time county CEO David Edge is on paid administrative leave. We also know that deputy administrator Gail Wilcox is also on paid leave. So, as we speak, the top two county staff people are out of the building indefinitely.

Karen Velie of CalCoast News first broke the story Tuesday morning, followed closely by Bob Cuddy of the Tribune. Sadly, Bob had to act petty in his reporting, no doubt upset that he was beat on a major news story by a two-person web site. He refused to cite either Karen or CCN by name, a clear lack of professional courtesy. Pretty tacky.

Karen appeared on my show Tuesday night and she raised the possibility of sexual harassment charges against David Edge, charges that he denied to The Tribune. Today the Tribune updated the story, this time mentioning both CCN and my radio show, but still referring to Karen Velie merely as “a blogger.” More pettiness by the Trib.

We know that the Supes are meeting next week to decide whether or not to fire David Edge.It’s clear that he did something wrong, but no one will talk. Here’s what I don’t get: The CEO of county staff may lose his job for something he did, but the public isn’t allowed to know what’s going on? Money may have to be paid out to Gail Wilcox, but we, the taxpayers, don’t get to know????? Supervisor Adam Hill will appear with me next Wednesday to explain this crazy situation. The public has a right to know.

Something to think about as you get those mosquito abatement ballots in the mail this week. Do you really want to give more $$$$ to the county if this is how they’re going to behave?

I have no idea if Mr. Edge is guilty of sexual harassment. I have been hearing all sorts of stories from county employees these last 24 hours. But it’s clear that something major is happening. Velie showed last summer how Gail Wilcox was engaged in an inappropriate housing purchase with a county vendor.

The Tribune needs to give CalCoast News its due.

The Supervisors need to air all these allegations in public and include us in the process.

Something tells me this is going to drag out for the rest of the year.

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