As I mentioned earlier this week, President Obama holds his next press conference Wednesday at 5 p.m. and KVEC will cover it live. Fox News TV won’t, even though they claim “We report. You decide.” In this case, it sounds more like “We decide. No report.” Petty, petty pretend TV news. We’ll also get reaction/perspective from Republican Charlie Baysel and Walter Heath from the Obama campaign.

Meanwhile, the new Wall Street Journal poll shows that 81% of Americans like President Obama personally, the number of Americans who think we’re on the right track from grown from 25% to 43% since January, and Obama’s overall approval rating is a solid 61% in the WSJ poll, much higher in other polls.

Our more conservative friends to the contrary, I think Americans are looking at Barack and Michelle Obama and liking what they see. This man is taking charge, getting stuff done, and turning things around. Now he has Sen. Arlen Specter to help him and pretty soon Sen. Al Franken gives him the magical 60 votes he needs.

Obama is not perfect, but I suspect he’d be the first to admit it. Mistakes have been made, but #44 has also demonstrated clear leadership and a vision for the country.

I can’t wait for the next 100 days.

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