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Thank You, Mr. President!

Americans are feeling good this Easter Sunday with the news of the rescue of Capt. Phillips from the hands of the pirates in Africa. A huge thank you to the U.S. Navy which calmly and professionally went about their business and made the rescue happen .

But let us also publicly thank President Obama, who showed grace under pressure and resisted demands by those such as Newt Gringrich who wanted premature military strikes against the pirates. President Obama wisely deferred to his military advisers and Captain Phillips is alive and well.

Personal opinion: President Obama is once again proving his has what it takes to potentially be a great leader. He’s made some rookie mistakes these first few months, but I give the man credit for quick learning and hard work. He represented us well in Europe, the economy is showing some flickers of hope, and Capt. Phillips is alive and well. And Obama is less than three months on the job.

Good work, Mr. President.

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