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The Week Ahead

I will be away on Monday for some oral surgery. Annie Lorenzen and Steve Weiss will guest host. I’ll be back on Tuesday and Wednesday before shooting down to LA to help my parents celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. Betsey Nash, Dale McGee, South County Jim, and Jack Hardy will handle the show then.

For the record, that’s three women and three men guest hosting: You’ll still never hear a woman on conservative talk radio as a guest host. And Annie, SC Jim, and Jack all lean pretty Right, so there will be some political balance, as well.

A couple announcements: (1) When you post a link in your comments, I always check the link. If my server blocks it for security reasons, I delete the post. Also, as tolerant as I’ve tried to be lately, some of these posts have just been juvenile in their personal venom. They’ve been rejected.

Please focus on the issue and not the people.

Have a good week!

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