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Saluting Chad and Andy

This is the article that will appear in Thursday’s Tribune. I’m really not authorized to comment on the situation. But I do want to publicly salute Chad Stevens and Andy Morris. They were first class broadcasters, complete professionals, and two of the nicest guys i’ve ever known. It won’t be the same without them around.

So tell me again that we have no economic crisis in this country?

“Longtime local DJs Andy Morris and Chad Stevens – who once hosted the No. 1 morning radio show in the county – have been laid off from their jobs at Cat Country (96.1 FM), Morris confirmed Tuesday.

“It was just budgetary cuts,” Morris said.

After their morning show ended Monday, the two DJs – each with over three decades of experience in radio – were notified that they were being dismissed.

While the notice was abrupt, with no warning, Morris said that’s expected in radio.

Morris said the two personalities – who recently starred in “The Odd Couple” at the Templeton Performing Arts Center — hope to continue working together in radio, and he said he plans to remain on the Central Coast. The two have been working together for nearly ten years.

The duo were the top-rated morning show when they worked for competing station KJUG. More recently, Morris said, the Cat Country show was doing well with their key demographics. The pair were told that the move was necessitated by finances, not performance.

“I can’t complain when they cut you for budgetary reasons,” Morris said.

Cat Country is owned by El Dorado Broadcasters, which also owns KVEC, Coast 101.3 and New Rock 107.3 in the county.

Mark Mitchell, director of operations for the station, said he couldn’t talk about personnel matters, though he did suggest the move was related to the economy.

“Every business is going through a tough economic time right now,” he said.

At this time, he noted, no other layoffs are planned.

Cat Country DJ Scott Taylor will take over the morning show on a temporary basis, Mitchell said. Eventually, the slot will be filled in-house.”

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