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Susan in San Luis

Tonight’s program turned into something pretty electrifying right around 6:05. Gordon Mullin had started with me at 5:05, explaining his concerns about the Obama Economic Stimulus Package now before the Senate after passing the House. Gordon is against the package and prefers that all corporate taxes be abolished instead, better to let the private market handle things.

Not to put words in Gordon’s mouth, but he was essentially downplay the economic urgency of the situation. Unemployment has only increased marginally, he argued. Other countries, other people had it a lot worse off. Gordon didn’t see the pain.

Lots of good photo calls added to the discussion, but I thought we were done at 6 p.m. Gordon stuck around to wrap up after Fox News. Then a call came in from “Susan on San Luis,” a first-time caller. Very, very nervous. Don’t know who she is, but we gave her ten minutes to make her case and this woman spoke from the heart.

She’s not one to call in to radio shows, Susan began, but she wanted every woman listening to pick up the phone, call in, and make their voices heard. Susan disagreed with everything Gordon had presented. It was time to work with Obama, not against him, she said. She wanted callers to show Gordon how wrong he was about the economy. There were indeed people suffering greatly, living from paycheck to paycheck. Susan was deeply insulted by Matt Kokkonen’s earlier comment in a call, “He never knew a poor person who hired other people.” Susan could not believe Gordon’s dismissive attitude towards the suffering around us.

Agree, or disagree, this was one of those moments that really capture the essence of talk radio. A listener who normally would never call in, reaching for the phone, and responding.

I understand Gordon’s reservations about the stimulus package, but I’m not sure he won any new converts with his contention that overall things are OK. Good show, though, and others quickly followed up on Susan and agreed with her call.

Good show.

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