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The New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year celebration. We certainly had a great kickoff broadcast today for 2009; I only hope all of our shows are as fun and as well-received as today. Thanks to Paul Dunn and Bob Sachs for coming by. Someone please go adopt Oreo, our beautiful Pet of the Week.

Our 17th anniversary broadcast will be on Tuesday and I just want to alert everyone that my special guest will be Mark Mitchell, Operations Manager for El Dorado. He’ll gladly take your phone calls and try to answer questions about KVEC programming, equipment, whatever. Mark is a good guy and he’s very supportive of KVEC, so here’s you chance to speak directly to KVEC management.

I am especially pleased with all the positive feedback we’ve been getting so far for replacing Sean Hannity with Clark Howard. I sense that many listeners are just looking for radio, in general, to tone things down a bit. I know that Clark will never be “Mr. Excitement,” but he offers constructive advice and he’s really a sharp guy. Rush is still around, so you can still get your political fix.

Also, I remain overall pleased with the direction this blog took in 2008. Most of the comments have been constructive and there’s a good back and forth taking place. However, we still have one person (I suspect it’s You Know Who) still trying to attack me personally with the most vicious and vile comments. He will not stop. This week I’ve rejected a string of personal attacks about me, John Lindsey, King Harris. Tonight I had to reject a similar message making a heartless insinuation about a personal tragedy I suffered a few years ago.

He obviously reads this blog, so I need to make it clear: REJECT is the option I will use from this point on until he gets tired and goes to bother someone else. For awhile, I was permitting these comments to give you a sense of the crap I have to deal with. No more. We are entering The Year of Obama. It’s time to try and begin anew and it’s time to try and be more positive, more constructive.

I will aim to do my part on the radio and on this blog. To the hateful Anonymouse, you can still submit, but you’re dreaming if you think anyone will see it. When in doubt, I hit REJECT.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Sheryl Glidden, Jan Johnson, and Dr. Cathy Boggs. Have a good weekend.

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