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The Week That Was

Sorry to have been on the blog only nominally this week. I’ve been trying to take full advantage of my vacation and step back as much as possible from the show and the blog. Hope you’ve been enjoying the guest hosts. We try to give you a bit of everything. Meanwhile, I’m back on Monday and Tom Madsen and Karl Beck are scheduled to join me. Had a great time on Catalina for Thanksgiving — I still think November is the best time to be there. Ideal weather and no crowds. The perfect combination.

Certainly much has been happening around town and the country. President Bush finally admitted we’re in a recession; thankfully he’s gone in less than 50 days. Meanwhile Obama is under pressure from the left wing of his party to do something, anything, about the economy. I suspect we’re going to see lots of battles like these over the next four years, but Obama — like FDR — is correct. Bush is the president. It is up to him to take charge.

Locally, a Cal Poly student dies from too much alcohol — on a Monday night! Welcome to the fraternity world. The second campus black eye for Cal Poly in less than month, following the ugly racist incident at the Crop House. Once again, with respect, I say it’s time for Warren Baker to step down. It’s clear that he doesn’t particularly care about what happens to the students on his campus — he’s always been hands off on student issues, content to travel and build the campus reputation. He deserves much credit, but Cal Poly’s reputation as a party school seems to be growing. A new president, a new message needs to be sent. We’ll talk more about this next week.

And what exactly happened at the SLO city council meeting last week regarding Mitchell Park? Boy, you sure get two different versions, depending upon whether you read The Tribune or New Times. Sounds like we need to hear from John Ashbaugh and get his side of the story.

And the sordid drama that is Atascadero continues. Man, it’s a wonder they get anything done up there. Look for more lawsuits.

So have a good weekend. Looks like we’ll have plenty to discuss on Hometown Radio next week.

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