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Cyber Stalking

Anyone who has been to this blog knows Marilyn. She is opinionated, outspoken, articulate, passionate. Whether you agree with her or not, Marilyn obviously enjoys a good debate and has contributed much to the growth of this blog over the last few years. She has also appeared on my show a few times to explain the Middle East. And just for the record, this Marilyn is not the same Marilyn who always wins the contests on my show and went to Mexico with Charlotte and me last December. Different Marilyn.

But Marilyn also has a serious problem. She is being stalked across cyberspace in a cruel and vicious attempt to smear her. It has been going on for at least a year and seems to coincide with heated attacks towards her on this blog. Now this person has followed Marilyn to her own blog, making more vicious smears. Hard to believe it could get worse, but it has. Now this stalker is going to blogs about the Middle East and posting under Marilyn’s name (using her full name and linking to her blog).

Here’s a sample of his more recent cyber graffiti. He pretended to be Marilyn and this is what he wrote:

“I am lesbian and a marxist yet still a radical terrorist for Allah. I live off the American tax payers and laugh the entire time I am ripping them off while tearing down their hateful infidel government.

I hate all men and love all my sapho sisters united to destroying all governments made by men.

I am a nurse that works around sexually insane men all day…I let them see my breasts to drive them even more crazy then I share those laughs with my lebanonlesbian wife.

We will destroy America! That is why I was sent here.

23/11/08 5:33 PM”

Marilyn knows the identity of her cyber stalker because of the software on her computer. He doesn’t live in California, but she knows exactly where he lives. As do I. I also know he’s been kicked off other blogs for similar outrageous comments.

I know this guy also reads this blog so I am issuing a public plea for him to please cease and desist in this harassment of those he disagrees with. It’s time to stop.

Marilyn is weighing her options. If anyone has any (constructive) suggestions, please post.

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