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60 Minutes with President Obama

The ratings for “60 Minutes” last night were their highest in almost a decade. The whole hour was devoted to our soon to be President and First Lady. Steve Kroft will never be remembered as the best inerviewer in broadcast history, but I liked what I saw, and heard.

Barack Obama is ready to lead. He remains calm and focused, having selected a number of key staff positions already, building his team. I think he “gets it.” It would be great to have Hillary as Secretary of State — let’s hope that Bill’s finances don’t spoil the deal.

Of course, Obama could end up falling on his face. Mistakes are bound to be made. Let’s get some sort of grip on reality given the current love affair between Obama and the national media. But for this moment, I do feel a strong political calm and I look forward to this new administration. I think better days are ahead.

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