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Tell Me What to Do

We’ve been talking a lot about Prop 8 lately and we’ll continue to do so. Tonight I told the story about the theater director pressured to resign after nearly 25 years in Sacramento because gays called for a boycott after learning he gave $1000 to the “Yes” on Prop 8 people. I said it was wrong to put pressure on him. The LA Times Friday has a big article about gay activists going through the data bases, identifying Prop 8 supporters, and then calling for boycotts against those businesses. I fear it’s only going to grow worse on both sides.

But then I looked through the online data base. It goes zip code by zip code and gives you the name and amount, either Support or Oppose. It gave me serious pause tonight when I saw our accountant’s name listed as giving almost $2500 to the “Yes” campaign. $2500?!?!?!? I’m sitting here, trying to process this all rationally — my accountant certainly has the right to personal beliefs, to donate money to causes, we don’t have to agree on everything. I have to respect the other side of this argument.


I honestly don’t know what to do here. Do I separate politics from business, or are there some issues where there can be no tolerance of an opposing viewpoint? I just got an email this week from a friend who says she will no longer speak to ANYONE who voted for Prop 8. Period. So should I have a conversation with my accountant and express my disappointment? Do I keep my mouth shut? Or do I find a new accountant? I’d welcome your thoughts.

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