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Here Comes the Sun

I waited this morning to post something about the election, hoping that a few more of the results might trickle in from these tight races around the country — and still hoping against hope that the slim lead Prop 8 currently enjoys might fade.

Charlotte and I made a point of being with others last night — we wanted to share the historic moment. Sorry to disappoint Santa Maria Bill and those who warned of violence in the streets and a military intervention to keep Obama from winning. We all heard the naysayers about the election being stolen again.

None of that happened. It was over at 8:01 p.m. our time, when all the networks starting declaring the new President once California results came in. Kudos to John McCain for a gracious, dignified, and heartfelt concession speech. That was the McCain I remember from 2000, a man I could have voted for. Very classy.

But Obama once again delivered in Grant Park. Watching the crowd shots in the audience gave me such a sense of pride. Obama gets it — he has to be bi-partisan, he has to reach out, he was to move quickly. As the pundits said, it was a forward-looking speech. As a child of Eisenhower, I am fortunate to have lived through the entire arc of civil rights, from the battle in Little Rock to the sweeping victory for President-Elect Obama. A great night that I will always remember.

And closer to home – WOW! We’ll talk about it on the Wednesday show. Folks in Atascadero made it clear that they want a Wal Mart as all three pro-business candidates got elected. Ellen Beraud is going to be very lonely on the city council. And it looks like the SLO cops decided to pay back Paul Brown for his role in the aribtration fight — Ashbaugh and Marx both won instead. Janice Peters won re-election as mayor on Morro Bay. Looks like Prop 4 will be defeated, but 8 is probably going to pass. I still don’t think that debate is over. We’ll see.

However, last night belongs to Obama. And to history. If nothing else, our stature as a world leader will be restored by this act. I will remember last night just as I do Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Proud moments.

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