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Seven Days to Go

We are down to the wire with our local and national elections. Next Monday, we’ll run our traditional election open line during the second half of the show and give people a chance to call in and discuss the candidates and the issues. We’ll hook up with Fox News Tuesday night to provide comprehensive national coverage and King Harris will have complete results and analysis on First News Wednesday morning.

We will return to Prop 8/gay marriage twice this week. AG Andy will join us Wednesday to urge a “Yes” vote on 8 and we’ll have a second debate on the issue Thursday involving two local ministers. We sure had an explosive segment last Friday when Rick Jacobs joined us from the Courage Campaign to criticize the LDS/Mormon Church for taking such an aggressive role in getting 8 passed — something like 43% of the Yes money is coming from the LDS Church. We will also have a discussion on Prop 4, parental notification for abortion, also probably on Thursday. I voted No on both 8 and 4, but I suspect both may pass. We’ll see.

Locally, I’m watching the SLO city council race to see who gets the two seats among Ashbaugh, Marx and Brown. Plus you’ve got three seats and six candidates in Atascadero. Another close race.

But I suspect the results will come in early Tuesday night across the board. This election is over for John McCain and the best he can do at this point is figure out a way to restore his dignity. The McCain-Palin campaign has got to be the worst effort since McGovern-Shriver in ’72. There will be a lot of finger pointing and post-mortem after Tuesday, but the Republicans will have to do some soul searching about the future of their party and whether the right wing continues to dominate.

Just please take the time to vote.

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