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Here Comes the Slime

First, a reminder that the second McCain-Obama debate is Tuesday at 6 p.m. from Nashville and KVEC will carry it live.

McCain is in a corner. He is down in the polls anywhere between 5 and 9 points. He’s decided to give up in Michigan and Obama is doing very well in key electoral states. Biden did extremely well in the vice-presidential debate last Thurday. McCain has been floundering ever since his decision to “suspend” his campaign, one “Hail Mary” pass too many and there aren’t many clear paths to victory for the senator from Arizona. The “Palin effect” seems to have vanished beyond the hard core Right.

So, guess what? McCain and Palin are going negative, starting this week. The Republican Slime Machine is gearing up as we speak. Sean Hannity’s mouth will be running overtime, foaming and fuming about William Ayres and Jeremiah Wright and Tony Renzko and other assorted fringe characters in Obama’s life. This is what the presidential campaign is going to come down to, folks: Slime.

Sarah Palin has already become the attack dog, claiming that Obama has “been palling around with terrorists,” an accusation throughly discredited by the Associated Press.

I’m sure Obama will be ready. I hate to see this happen, but as long as we’re going to talk about past relationships, I guess we can talk about McCain and Charles Keating, McCain and the gambling industry, McCain and all the lobbyists he’s been in bed with for decades.

I predict these negative attacks will backfire on McCain. He’s becoming more and more desperate.

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s about to get ugly.

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