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Yet Another Hail Mary

I am not going to schedule anything on the show for Friday at 6 p.m. because I remain hopeful that John McCain will come to his senses and show up for the scheduled debate with Barack Obama.

Thanks to Jeff Bliss and Dawn Legg for coming over last night on such short notice to react to McCain’s surprise decision Wednesday to suspend his campaign, a first in presidential campaign history. Of course, I’m cynical and I note that McCain’s announcement came the same day a new poll was released showing Obama opening up a 9 point lead and an ABC poll showing Obama ahead in major battleground states — all because of our economic downturn.

So here we have yet another “Hail Mary” from John McCain, a glimpse into what his Presidency would be like. They’re still keeping Sarah Palin in protective custody and only letting her out under tightly controlled circumstances. Now we have the decision to return to Washington. It is a stunt, plain and simple, an attempt by McCain to stop the bleeding and seize the offensive. Congress is already close to a deal so McCain being there neither adds nor detracts. He gets the photo op, he’ll try to claim some credit. I think the American people know better.

But the debate has to take place, as scheduled. I thought Obama has been very diplomatic in his response, reminding us that this is the time when people need to see and hear from their leaders and that a president needs to be able to multi-task. Bush debated in 2004 at the height of the Iraq war. McCain should debate on Friday night. I feel sorry for the host university who has already pumped $5.5 million into Friday night.

Let the debate begin and the political theater end.

Oh, and be sure to check out the video of Letterman sticking it to McCain. It’s all over Youtube. Funny stuff.

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