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A Cancer on This Blog

I went through and removed several Comments, including some of mine, from the “You Be the Producer” thread on this blog.

For the last few months, several local blogs have had to contend with a single individual who had launched a rhetorical Jihad on the Internet, a “Cyber stalker” might be another term to use. He is currently soiling UncoveredSLO.com and he posted such vile comments against a local woman on a second site that I do not dare repeat. Because of the filter, I’m able to keep him off my blog, but I let one of his comments on today to illustrate the extent of his anger. Predictably, the thread stopped being about SLO Perk and got into these other personal issues.

Looking over the thread tonight, I realize that all I’m doing is dropping down to his level. Life is too short, especially when I think of good people like Lani Silver currently fighting for her life in San Francisco.

So I will battle no more. My colleagues are currently wrestling with how to deal with him. That is not my fight. He is off the show and I will use the filter to keep him off this blog. He has apparently been emailing mutual friends in an attempt to turn them against me, but all I can do is continue to run the best radio show I know how.

Time to move forward to other topics. I will have no further comment on this cancer on the blog.

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