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You Be the Producer

Anyone working in the local media hears a lot from people in the community. It goes with the territory. Sometimes it’s merely a simple request for coverage. Sometimes people expect you to launch a crusade.

Here’s an email I recently received and I’m curious as to your response. If you were me, what would you do? Would you launch a campaign to intervene on behalf of SLO Perk? Would you contact the Copelands and try to intervene? Would you stay out of it on the basis of letting the marketplace decide?

I don’t know the owners of SLO Perk. I’d be more than willing to have them on the show if they were inclined, but I’m not sure of my options beyond that.

Any suggestions? Here’s the original email:

“My husband and I were informed on Saturday morning that SLO Perk on Chorro Street across from Mission Grill and next to what was formely Johnson’s Children’s Store, is being forced out of business at the end of October due to Copelands raising their rent exhorbitantly (2-1/2 times what they are currently paying). For the past eleven (11) years, Marcy and Bill have owned and personally operated this very special “mom-and-pop” business featuring excellent coffee drinks and superb homemade baked goods. Now they can’t even sleep at night because they are so distraught about this situation.

I’m wondering what we might be able to do to “change the tide” in regards to this sad state of affairs. Our community needs successful, proven businesses like SLO Perk that are run by talented, skilled, caring individuals. Your input would be very appreciated.

I remember when John Lindsay was let go by PG&E and what a difference it made when you went on the air to let people know what had happened and what they could do to help bring John back.

FYI, I sent an email to Attorney James Duenow several days ago, but I’m not certain yet whether the email address I used is current. So far, I haven’t heard back from Mr. Duenow.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,”

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