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Red Meat Night

It looks like I may end up being out for the week. Caught something nasty at the Pops concert last Sunday and I’m having trouble shaking it. Just want to thank all the guest hosts for stepping in at the last minute and a big thanks to Mardi for holding things together and Jim Richards for engineering the shows.

I was able to watch most of the speeches tonight from St. Paul, especially Sarah Palin’s address. Give credit where credit is due. When the pressure is on, she apparently can deliver. Palin’s speech was a mastery of red meat attacks on the Democrats, typical convention fare. She spoke from the heart and it showed. How this will play out in the next 60 days is anyone’s guess, but Paln proved up to the task.

Of course, I was struck by the fact that neither Palin nor Guiliani made a single mention of George W. Bush nor Dick Cheney. Not one. And the only time Palin mentioned Iraq was the two times she indicated that “victory was in sight.” Really? She got some good digs in at Obama and I agree with the MSNBC analysis that suggested this was a contrast in values. Of course, we know that Palin is anti-choice and that never came up and we know she supports creationism being taught in schools, but that never came up either. She did claim to be opposed to the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere,” though published reports suggest she did flip-flop on that.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I’m starting to tire of hearing about John McCain as a P.O.W. We hear that phrase as much as we heard “9-11” at the Republican convention in 2004. Being a POW does not automatically make one a great President. But I predict more of the same tomorrow.

I still don’t buy Palin as being a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and I hope we can all stop talking about her teenage daughter. That really is irrelevant. It is going to be an exciting Presidential race. Let’s see how McCain does on Thursday.

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