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An American Promise

Tonight I watched the next President of the United States address the nation. Clearly taking a page from the Ronald Reagan playbook, Barack Obama’s acceptance speech was a triumph of drama and stagecraft, climaxing a strong week for Democrats in Denver. Obama has had an incredible seven days since selecting Joe Biden to be his running mate. Biden has been widely praised and embraced by mainstream Democrats, the Clintons made peace and went away, and Obama delivered a flawless speech to 85,000 people. With respect to John McCain, I don’t know how he even dares to try and match this in St. Paul next week.

Today’s Gallup Poll put Obama up by six points. I know that these flash polls mean little, except that Obama has bounced back from the terrible month he has had overall in August. He’s got his game back and he did everything he was supposed to do in Denver.

The speech was outstanding. This man connected with his audience, time and again, speaking to their values, smacking down every single attack the Republicans have launched against him this summer. He made it clear that he is willing to challenge McCain’s credentials on foreign policy and leadership. He specifically outlined the type of change he was promoting, while also reminding us that McCain voted to support Bush policies 90% of the time.

Tonight we saw the Obama who beat Hillary Clinton. We saw him at his best. If he can make this same connection in the first debate, he should win the election.

It will be interesting to see how the Republicans respond next week in St. Paul. Friday at 6:05, we’ll have some local Democrats in to discuss the convention and the speech. Tune in. Call in.

And please be safe over Labor Day weekend. No show on Monday. Back on Tuesday.

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