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The Man from Delaware

It looks official as Saturday morning begins — Obama has decided on Joe Biden from Delaware to be his running mate. My own personal choice was Colin Powell, but I’m the first to admit the fantasy of all that. I’ll take Biden. I’m just glad it wasn’t Bayh or Kaine.

Realistically it could never have been Hillary. It would have been too complicated with Bill around and there’s too much bad blood still on the table. If Obama is to win he has to win on his own. I’m glad he didn’t go with Clinton. Biden is pretty sharp. He’s got the foreign policy credentials, he’s not afraid of a good debate, and I think he’ll help build Obama’s confidence. Sure, he can be a big mouth, but he also has a compelling story to tell. Overall, I think it’s a good choice. We’ll see. McCain announces his choice next Friday (on his birthday when I believe he turns 82).

This race starts as it should — basically tied. People have doubts about Obama. Like Reagan in 1980, he has a short amount of time to win their confidence. I still believe he will win.

By the way, thanks for another good week on the radio. I especially enjoyed the Friday conversations with Charlie Whitney about Sarah Christie and I’m glad Sharon Gavin from PG&E had a chance to respond to Jane Swanson over what happened last weekend at Diablo Canyon. I think we’re serving the needs of the community. There was one unfortunate phone call during the Gavin segment. Sad to see it happen. Really sad.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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