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Georgia on My Mind

I’m grateful to both Dr. Larry Martinez on Monday and Michele tonight for weighing in on the Russian-Georgian conflict unfolding on the international stage. Larry is just back from three weeks in Russia and had some interesting perspective. Both Larry and Michele seem to agree on a couple points: (1) Russia under Putin is roaring back to be an international presence and is flexing its muscle (2) Russia also wants a piece of the action off the Trans-Siberian pipeline that goes through Georgia (3) Russian does not want Georgia nor the Ukraine to get NATO status and (4) Critically, there’s not much the U.S. can do . Everything we have is tied up in Iraq. The most we can offer is rhetoric.

Of course, McCain is talking tough, but as Michele pointed out tonight, what exactly is McCain prepared to do to support Georgia? If the Russians don’t back down, what options is he truly in favor of? He says he wants Georgia in NATO, but is he willing to put troops on the ground to support that action.

Bush encouraged Georgia to seek their independence, but shouldn’t he have known that he was stirring up the hornet’s nest? Lots to cover here.

Program note: Wednesday at 5:05, Bob Sachs will appear on the show to discuss how China is using the Olympics for propaganda. Tune in. Call in.

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