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I was pleased that we were able to feature short interviews with both Lt. Gov. Garamendi and state controller Chiang on Wednesday’s show. I also appreciate all the calls that came in about our current budget mess as we hit Day 37.

I’ve never quite known what to think of Arnold has governor. I believe he has disappointed both the Left and the Right over the years and he’s essentially a lame duck with about two years to go in office. His latest move regarding putting state employees on minimum wage has been roundly criticized and Chiang explained yesterday why he will block that effort. I found it very disconcerting to hear Chiang describe how outdated the state computer system is. Even if Chiang wanted to follow Arnold’s orders, it would take months and cost more than we would save.

Both Chiang and Garamendi claim the needed response is a mixture of cuts, tax increase, and reform. Both liked Arnold’s idea of a three-year sales tax increase of one penny, but only if mixed with cuts and reform. I continue to ask the question, for example, why we have both a Department of Education and an Office of Public Instruction in California. That is a clear waste and duplication of resources.

Closer to home, Bob Kelley will be on Hometown Radio Wednesday at 6:05 to discuss everything happening in Atascadero.

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