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Managing the Blog

I have been hopeful that some of you would take my words to heart about trying to be kinder, gentler bloggers, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I want to applaud Marilyn for her heartfelt post about trying to have civil dialogue. Sadly, those days may be behind us.

But I’m willing to give it the good old college try. So from now on, I run this blog like I run my radio show. Getting traffic to this site doesn’t matter — I’m not even sure the new owners at ED know I do this. If you want to post silly drivel and personal attacks, I invite you to go on over to Uncoveredslo.com where they’ll basically let anyone post anything.

Over here, we’ll aim for a higher standard. So….(1) if your post does not advance the conversation, if you don’t have a clear, relevant thought, forget it. You’ll be rejected. (2) If your post has some merit, but contains imflammatory or insulting language, I will cut and paste your post on to the blog and edit out the offending comments.

No one forces you to participate and a spirited debate is still invited. However, my show is different from the traditional talk show and the blog will now be, as well.

Meanwhile Lt. Governor John Garamendi joins us on Tuesday, Lois Capps on Wednesday. I’ll be gone Thursday and Friday: guest hosts will include Steve Weiss, Gordon Mullin, Betsey Nash, and Russ James. And Rush and Sean still never let women guest host their shows. Why is that?

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