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Time Out Deep Breath

I want to start off with a public apology to Jerry in Arizona. He was the victim of a vicious, unfounded, untrue, Anonymous slam on this blog — and I didn’t catch it. I’d like to say that I go over each and every word submitted. Most times I do — this time caught me napping and it slipped through. I’m sorry, Jerry.

This also allows me an opportunity to ask everyone to please take a time out and take things down a few notches. I know we’re all passionate about our beliefs, but these last few threads have seen more and more of a personal attack on public figures and other bloggers. I have tried to stay out of it and let you squabble among yourselves, but I feel compelled to ask you to tone things down. If not, I’ll have to be the bad guy again.

Thank you for supporting this blog. Thank you for supporting Hometown Radio.


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