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Our Man Overseas

First, my apologies for being away from the blog. No good excuses. I’m even worse at dealing with voice mail, but I’m thankful for all (well, make that MOST) of the posts that have been coming in lately. We’ve got a great group of participants and I enjoy the give and take.

Mardi is leaving after tomorrow for some well-deserved time off. We’ll be at the fair in Paso Robles broadcasting on Wednesday from 3 to 7. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by. We’ll be out by the south gate and the Frontier Stage. I’m coming back up next week for the Rod Stewart concert. I’ve never seen him before; should be fun. I’m kicking myself for not flying out to New York for Billy Joel’s farewell at Shea Stadium. Paul McCartney on stage for an encore? Must have been amazing.

Word is that Stefan Lamb has decided to drop out of the SLO mayor’s race, so it would appear that Dave Romero has a clear shot for re-election, his last hurrah as mayor. Of course, we’ll provide election coverage after Labor Day.

Speaking of elections, can our man Obama be doing any better overseas? All the critics out there on the Right, sniping away at the senator, pretending he has no foreign policy experience. Press accounts are being rather generous as the press follows Obama around the world. Applause from GI’s in Iraq? An Iraqi prime minister embracing the idea of a U.S. military pullout? Foreign leaders lining up to meet with Obama? Where are all the mistakes he was supposed to be making on this trip?

This is a taste of what life can be like after January 20, 2009 with Obama in the White House. We get back the respect of the world. We feel proud about being Americans again. Republicans are always quick to knock Obama, but he seems able to pass the test no matter how high the bar is raised. He beat Hillary. Now he’s showing competence on the world stage. He’ll run a formidable campaign in the fall.

And. He. Will. Win.

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