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The $400,000,000 Man

Let’s put down our sticks and stones on this blog long enough to congratulate “El Rushbo” — Rush Limbaugh — and his EIB network. Not only does Rush celebrate 20 years of his syndicated radio show on August 1, but he has landed on the cover of the N.Y. Times Sunday magazine for a fascinating profile.

If you’re a dittohead, you’re not a fan of the N.Y. Times, but this is a pretty interesting profile, the first time anyone from the MSM has been allowed into Rush’s Southern Command in Palm Beach and Rush’s five-home private compound in Miami that he shares with a single cat. I think the article clearly pays Rush his due in terms of his influence on broadcasting and politics and captures some interesting aspects of his personality.

It’s clear from the article that Rush never felt comfortable nor welcome in New York from his supposed media colleagues. And I was surprised how Rush was unable or unwilling to say something, anything, nice about Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

As I said on my show, Rush deserves the respect of any radio show host. Without Rush, there would likely be little, if any, English-language radio on the AM dial, except religious. He is solely responsible for the resurgence of AM radio as a driving force and he is clearly one of the major broadcasting figures in the history of the industry.

Check out the article. See you on the radio.

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