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Monday Morning Buzz

Short week this week as Mardi and I enjoy Friday off for the 4th of July. We wish you a safe holiday weekend and hope you’ll lay off the fireworks. In case you haven’t noticed, California has become one giant tinderbox.

Meanwhile some great segments coming up over the next four days. On Thursday, military historian Jack Greene returns to tell us the story of the War of 1812. Bob Allen from SOS in Santa Barbara joins us Tuesday to discuss oil seepage and offshore oil drilling and why he supports it. Also on Tuesday, Jeff Buckingham talks cell phones. Attorney Jeff Stulberg visits on Wednesday. Tonight Tom Madsen and Karl Beck team up to discuss the future and Karen Velie from UncoveredSLO gives us the very latest on Kelly Gearhart.

A couple stories we should talk about include Arnold’s performance on Meet the Press yesterday morning. Tom Brokaw really held his feet to the fire. Basically, if you look at the big picture, Arnold hasn’t done much better than Gray Davis. I was never a big fan of the infamous recall. This interview reminds me why. I don’t think Barbara Boxer has to worry about a 2010 challenge.

And the big news nationally is the New York Times story about how infighting within the White House has kept the U.S. military from going after Bin Laden and how frustrated the Pentagon has become. Anyone surprised? We’ll talk about it.

Have a good week.

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