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Mystery Solved

Well, I think I have finally unlocked the mystery behind all these missing posts to this blog. For the last few months, I’d hear from folks asking why their legitimate posts have not made it on the blog (of course there is our one “friend” with the fondness for exclamation marks and silly off-topic personal attacks who almost always will be rejected). I couldn’t offer an answer because I have never seen those posts.

I found them just this morning. Normally I delete my JUNK MAIL file at KVEC without scanning it first because I get so much spam, literally hundreds a week. But this time I waded through all the Viagra invitations and Rabobank solicitations and guess what I found: posts from Rich in Paso Robles and Downtown Bob and scores of Anonymous musings, all in Junk Mail.

I can offer no explanation as to why certain posts come to me and others go to Junk Mail. I’m sure it’s not an editorial comment on your analysis. So once again I apologize profusely and pledge to be more diligent about checking Junk Mail more carefully before deleting. If you end up posting something legitimate and it doesn’t make it, PLEASE let me know and I’ll go fishing for it in the Junk Mail.

Have a great weekend.

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