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Ready for the Weekend

We’ve had some good shows this week and I, for one, am certainly glad it’s Friday. TGIF!

It was a special thrill to have Russ James on the show Thursday. He was the “voice of KVEC” from 1952 to 1963 and he joined us for an hour to chat about the old days and what it was like to do radio then. He was gracious enough to come into the production room afterwards and record some station ID’s so we’ll be hearing Russ back on KVEC. Way cool.

And Santa Maria Bill was in rare form last night. I’m not sure how to begin to synthesize his arguments. He was all over the map. Some of the points he raised amid the tsunami of phone calls: (1) John McCain is not really a war hero; (2) Bush is getting ready to either attack Iran or support Israel if they attack (3) The Powers That Be will do everything and anything to keep Obama from becoming President because he’ll bring back the middle class (4) Bush will either create an emergency situation or allow one to happen. He’ll then declare martial law and use Blackwater to keep the peace. (5) His motive for doing so is that once he leaves office, Vincent Bugliosi and states attorney general are going to indict him for murder in Iraq. (6) We were’nt told the truth about government’s involvement in Iraq. (7) We have lost all of our llberties and the situation parallels Nazi Germany.

That gives you the flavor of the discussion. Sorry to those of you who waited on hold at the end. We simply ran out of time. Great segment, but I am definitely ready for the weekend.

Tom Madsen returns on Friday to discuss his trip to Europe.

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