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Election Day

First and foremost, please take the time to vote today if you haven’t already. Polls are open to 8 p.m. and your vote does count, especially in these local races. I suspect we’ll know the winners and losers tonight fairly quickly. I always go to the county clerk recorder website and get the results myself. To me, the interesting race will be Hill vs. Lenthall. Should be close. Either man can win.

Good show on Monday to kick off the week. Larry Martinez discussed political dynasties including the Kennedys, the Bushes, and the Clintons. Larry’s bottom line: The Kennedys stood for government to advance social causes, the Bushes will be stained by Iraq, and the Clintons stained by Bill’s personal foibles.

We also ran our Election Open Line for 90 minutes. Callers seemed concerned about Prop 98 and urged folks to vote No. Most calls involved District 5 with comments evenly split between Patterson and Arnold. I’ll be curious to see whether Arnold wins — I was very confused by her commercials.

Then Jerry Dagna was on fire from Arizona, predicting the inability of the Democrats to unite in the fall — too much damage had been done and Obama has too much baggage. More than one phone call from a liberal suggested the reluctance of Middle America to vote for a black man. At the end of the hour, Santa Maria Bill called in and challenged Jerry to a debate, insisting he was a chicken. Jerry immediately smacked him down, “I don’t debate a ghost,” Jerry retorted. “I want to know who you are, your last name and where you work!”

It was vintage Jerry. Check out the podcast if you missed it.

Go vote!

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