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A Note from Dave

I have heard from several KVEC bloggers this week, expressing confusion over posts they’ve made that have not appeared on the blog. As you know, because of a few juvenile Anonymice, I’ve been forced to approve all comments before they’re posted.

But something is happening which I can’t explain. People are sending me comments, I’m approving them, but somehow they’re not ending up on the blog. I have absolutely no idea why this is happening and I apologize for the screw-up. I’ve never dealt with the Blogger.com people, but we’ll try and see what is going on.

Meanwhile, thanks to DA Gerry Shea for coming on tonight and giving us his time. I also found our conversation with Michelle G. from Atascadero interesting. She believes a downtown restaurant is dumping liquids in the creek and the restaurant’s response tonight was solely to try and discredit Michelle. I’ve know her and her husband for three years and she is a woman of strong integrity and great vision (she’s a licensed pilot). If she saw it, I think it happened.

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