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Offshore Oil and Seepage

Matt Kokkonen returned to Hometown Radio Tuesday night and Matt was on fire. I’ve never seen the guy so passionate and intense in his analysis of an event. We were turning away callers at 6:30.

At issue was the question of offshore oil drilling and the issue of “seepage.” Matt claims that the number one source of pollution in the ocean is the natural seepage of oil and gas. He argued that the best way to control the pollution was to increase offshore oil drilling because it would release the pressure that causes the seepage.

By the way, the vast majority of callers agreed with Matt.

Matt was also clear that he feels it is time to expand offshore oil operations. The technology has improved to stop spills and we need all the oil we can get now while alternatives are being developed. The problem, Matt asserted, is that everyone is afraid of the environmental lobby and no public official will come out for offshore oil.

Lastly, Matt blamed Lois Capps for higher gas prices since she has long opposed offshore oil drilling. Obviously a preview to the fall Congressional race.

On a related matter, here’s an event on Saturday in Santa Barbara that you might wish to consider attending:

Oil in the Channel:

Moderated by Filmmaker Mike DeGruy

Saturday, May 31
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

This Town Hall Meeting will focus on the natural oil seeps within the Santa Barbara Channel. Join award-winning filmmaker Mike DeGruy and a panel representing diverse viewpoints, as we address the environmental impacts of the oil seeps and what approaches, if any, should be considered to minimize their impacts.

Panelist include: Tam Hunt, Community Environmental Council; John Day, Santa Barbara County – Energy Division; Bruce Allen, SOS California; Joe Sparano, Western States Petroleum Association; and a representative from the UCSB Hydrocarbon Seeps Project.

Free with reservation – Call 805-682-4711 ext. 170

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