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Happy Memorial Day

It was good to drive out to Cayucos this afternoon for the 8th annual “Lost at Sea” Memorial Day celebration. We had somewhere between 150 and 200 people once again show up for a moving tribute conducted by retired Navy chaplain Bill Huston. Kudos to Pastor Doug for all his hard work in organizing this event every year and I was happy to see John Lindsey suit up in uniform for the ceremony. I will always be humbled in knowing that our show helped launch this special event in some small way back in 2000. I know lots of people had plenty of things on their schedule this weekend, but it’s important to remember why we have a three-day holiday and to be reminded of the sacrifice so many have made.

Back to work on Tuesday and we’ve got some good segments already scheduled. Matt Kokkonen returns on Tuesday to discuss U.S. energy policy. On Wednesday, we’ll meet Dr. David Pelham, the new president of Cuesta College and listen while Peggy Koteen from Animal Emancipation argues against rodeos. Our district attorney, Gerry Shea is scheduled for Thursday, and on Friday, we’ll talk with Don Morris, who is launching a last-minute write-in campaign against Abel Maldonado in the state senate race.

Looks like a good week. Hope you can join us.

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