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Arroyo Grande Andy Strikes Again

Our friend AG Andy is once again sending out mass email missives, this time about the recent gay marriage ruling in California. Here’s what he is telling people this morning:

“I send this to many realizing that they may not agree with me on this issue. Sometimes a politician does the unthinkable. He does what is morally right. I hope the Gov will have a change in conscience. I take pride in the fact that we live in a country where we have the right to agree or disagree. I disagree with the Courts superseding the will of the voters and the Legislature trying two times before to do the same thing. This to me is not a political issue but a moral one. The Courts are now inventing law as they see fit. Please consider sending Governor Schwarzenegger an email. It may do little to change anything but hopefully it will count toward eternity.”

Of course, I find it interesting that a politician can only be a “He” in Andy’s world, but I’m not surprised. As I said on the radio last week, I am very pleased with the court’s ruling and happy for my many gay and lesbian friends in California. It took guts for that Republican majority California Supreme Court to do the right thing, especially when confronted with the bigotry hidden within the subtext of Andy’s email. Arnold will not lift a finger to support the anti-gay people.

I guess we’ll need to debate this subject in June.

Everyone please be safe over Memorial Day weekend.

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